You can be nominated by others or nominate yourself. Below are the categories you can nominate for and who each catergory is sponsored by.

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Personal Trainer of the Year

We will be looking for a PT that has gone above and beyond showing huge enthusiasm and determination in identifying the training and development needs of clients. We will need to be provided with evidence of what you have done and goals achieved, testimonials can be included. A list of their professional qualifications and whether they are a member of any recognised associations (i.e. REPS, NRPT).

Fitness Club of the Year

Does your Fitness Club share a clear vision and agreed goals?? Do you work as a team to provide excellent customer service to your members and clients? Does your club work as a team to overcome problems? Do you gain regular feedback off clients on how to improve your facility? If the answer is yes to any of these then please get your nomination for this fantastic award! We will search your social media site / website to gain information on your club. - If you are successful in being shorlisted finalists we will also visit your site to see what facilities you offer.

Fitness Entrepreneur of the year

Do you know a person within the Fitness Industry that thinks outside the box? Perhaps they've introduced new methods of training or a released a new exciting product that has helped the fitness in industry grow? If you answer is yes then get in touch!

Trainee/Member of the Year

Do you have that member/client who has excelled with you, overcome tough challenges, mental or physical or maybe has a disability and still achieved their goals? It may be someone who has overcome bad injuries and kept pushing forward or someone who has managed to lose a substantial amount of weight. If you think you have that fantastic person that deserves this award then please get in touch!

Group Fitness Club/Class of the Year

From Outdoor Military Fitness to step aerobics or even Les Mills Body Pump, If you know a group exercise Instructor/club that always keeps you motivated and gets fantastic results then get in touch with us. We will need to see your exercise timetable and your list of qualifications held and Testimonials off clients. We will review your social media sites/ website to see how easily accessible it it to book/ cancel classes.

Fitness Event of the Year

Are you a company that provides the ultimate Fitness event? Does your event raise the bar and do you constantly persuit excellence? If so why? Have you had any success stories from people taking part in your event? Does it have a positive impact on the local community? We will need to see proof of all the above and Testimonials off clients. Your Social media sites and website will be reviewed.

The Community Award

If you are a business or individual that has gone above and beyond for the local community then please get in touch. Are you a role model who goes that extra mile for friends and neighbours - you may have raised money for charity or fundraised to help local projects, you might work with local schools, colleges or senior citizens' groups to raise awareness of health and fitness. Do you spread the message of Health and Fitness to your local community? If so apply today!

Fitness Support Award

Are you a Physio, Sports Therapist or Chiropractor thats had great results? Have you got multiple success stories from your clients? Have you got a sports team or group that couldn't manage without your on going support? We know how important you are to the Fitness Industry!

Contribution to the Welsh Fitness Industry and Society (Honorary Award)

This is an Honorary award given to a person/ Club who has made a huge impact on the Fitness and overall society in South Wales.

Fitness Role Model of the Year

A person who has used the fitness industry to inspire others and has become a pillar of the local community and also a strong and effective role model to other people within our fantastic industry. How have you been a role model? What have you done to inspire others? Have you inspired others in our fantastic industry?

The South Wales Fitness Awards Champion

This Title will be given to the overall champion of the South Wales Fitness Awards. The winner will be chosen by our independent judging pannel from the winners of each category! The Winner will recieve the amazing South Wales Fitness Award title belt!! The question is will you be the undisputed Champion??

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